Make an impact.
Share the impact. Repeat.

Brands, influencers, shoppers:
It’s time to change the game and bring sustainable fashion to the center stage.

Things have changed. Conscious consumerism is not just a trend.
It's happening now. It's the future. Be the hero of this change.

Let's face it: social media has transformed the rules of marketing, communication and advertising. Selling a beautiful product is no longer enough. Brands need a powerful narrative that exudes style and purpose. It’s all about storytelling!

Influencers as ambassadors of change

At VEPSI, we are convinced influencers represent a powerful opportunity. They are drivers of a global ethical lifestyle movement and address social, environmental and economic issues. Influencers convey messages and make those audible - and attractive. They can explain AND seduce. This is a unique power. While their growing number and highly connected character makes them already today more powerful as any PR agency can be - they have the power to make a message 'get viral' – they are already today more than just messengers. They are already "influenc'actors" who will have in the very near future the power to impact on high level political and decision-making processes.

We want influencers to be key actors of our project of highlighting and empowering the ethical brands we source from emerging international creative countries.

We are committed to brands

respecting the fundamental human rights of their workers
using eco-friendly materials and production methods
creating handmade products made by a skilled craftsman
ensuring a vegan or animal cruelty-free manufacturing
providing quality and transparency to their customers

Our Partners

It's time for international ethical brands to show their impact on the fashion industry.