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Meet #teamVEPSI – Rhumaa

sustainability, prints and minimalism in the name of fashion for men and women

Meet Rhumaa, the sustainable minimalist yet colourful brand from the Netherlands. Using materials such as lyocell or cupro, the brand offers apparel for women and men with prints drawn by African artists. Every collection involves the work of a new artist and is vegan, fair and zero waste.

What are the concept and commitments of Rhumaa?

We have a real passion for sustainable fashion, impactful art and making an honest difference! Our collections are timeless and sophisticated with modern, soft tailoring and an inspirational art print. Every collection unveils a unique and powerful story; expressed through print, design, colour, details, and high-quality sustainable fabrics. No stone unturned!
We are focused on building up products of purpose and making tracks to a more sustainable future. We realise a journey takes time and most of our big ideas need to start with small beginnings, but we are on our way and continue to build onto our green goals every day.
On our path, we share impact art stories from sustainable art communities and donate into the Rhumaa Foundation where we support sustainable programs and projects in South Africa. Our clothes are made in fair conditions by communities and people who have a love for nature and the environment like us.
We build onto our sustainable fabric library every collection and look at building new ideas to create circular practices as a whole. We recycle fabrics, look for ways to reduce waste and repurpose where we can. Little by little, we head towards a greener future and we’re thrilled to be doing our bit.
Above all, we want our customers to feel incredible in our clothes, not just when or how they choose to wear them but also why they choose to wear them.
We support sustainable communities, collaborations and work with like-minded suppliers – all with a need to steer change in fashion and the environment as a whole.

Rhumaa is perfect for shoppers looking for…..?

Minimalistic, high-quality and sustainable womenswear and menswear fashion.

Which item in your collection best represents your brand?

Our suits are signature to our brand. They represent art stories shared by our collaborating artists and our timeless, quality, sophisticated styles best.

In another life you could have been….

A nature photographer and conservationist.

Any last words for the #VEPSIfamily?

We believe everyone has a voice and together, we can be heard and make a difference. Sharing stories can change the world and we see that every time someone buys a Rhumaa item. It’s a beautiful thing.


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Meet #teamVEPSI – Mo’chillin

Celebrate the Wayúu community

The brand Mo’chillin was born after an encounter with the Wayúu community. In love with the magnificent country of Colombia, and fascinated by the incredible work of the women of the tribe, Clément and Amandine wanted to put the community and their work forward.

What is the concept and universe behind Mo’chillin?

The “Mo’chillin” bags are what we call here “Wayúu mochilas”. “Mochila” means bag in Spanish. All our Mo’chillin are unique handicrafts, handmade by the women of Rancheria Mañatu, the Wayúu community that is located about 20 kilometers from Riohacha, the economic capital of the Guajira region.

The Wayúu people:
The Wayúu people are Amerindian people who now live between Colombia and Venezuela. They speak their own language, Wayúunaiki, as well as Spanish, for the majority of them.
They took refuge in the Guajira desert when the Spanish settlers arrived. This desert, as intriguing as it is inhospitable, has allowed them to preserve and preserve their culture and customs by resisting invaders and maintaining control of their territory. Today, their natural resources are threatened by mining that either exploits or pollutes them.

Craftsmanship and know-how:
They therefore live mainly on weaving, Chinchorros (Guajiros hammocks) and mochilas, like those of Mo’chillin. The women of the community make the pouches, hammocks, bracelets and bags in a totally traditional way, following the same process as their ancestors.
The technique used for Wayúu mochilas is the hook, which makes it possible to obtain these bags “in one piece”, without seams. This traditional know-how of high quality is passed on from generation to generation, from mother to daughter.

Cooperative from another world:
The tribe operates like a local cooperative system: the couple in charge of the community (Yanitza and Feligno) is in charge of buying the yarn and distributing it to the different families who make the mochilas. The profits from the sales are then redistributed to the families.

Our commitments:
We fell under the spell of these bags and their colours while walking around Colombia, and we decided to bring them back to France, so that you too could benefit from them and thus support the craft skills of Wayúu women.
In our approach, and this from the beginning, we wanted to get closer to the source of production and work hand in hand with a Wayúu community. Thanks to the presentation of a local association, we were able to get in touch with Rancheria Mañatu and spend time there to understand the manufacturing process, their culture, their needs and start working with them.

Fair rates:
At the beginning of our collaboration, we asked them to define the price they thought was right for their work. This price is between 30% and 50% higher than the local market price, and we constantly adapt them according to their needs or fluctuations in raw material prices, so that they are not affected.

A social commitment:
In 2018, our young company decided to use all of its profits from the year to offer gifts to all the children in the community. Each child received a new and colourful outfit to start the year 2019 with. It is extremely difficult to obtain clothing when you live more than 20 km from the city, where transportation is almost non-existent, travel is complicated and incomes are limited.

Mo’chillin bags are for those who are looking for…?

Escaping, travelling, being unique and colourful. All our bags are different: whether you are a chic, bohemian or glamorous hippie, your Mo’chillin bag will undoubtedly bring a touch of originality to your style. For example, our plain-coloured Mo’chillin will go very well with a sober outfit while adding a touch of bright colour, while our patterned Mo’chillin have mostly indigenous Wayuu patterns and have a great diversity of colours, which makes it possible to stand out even more.

Which item in your collection best represents your brand?

All our Mo’chillin are unique and it is therefore difficult to choose a single one that represents us.
We particularly like the Mo’chillin with shoulder strap, which are the traditional mochilas used in everyday life by the Wayúus. We like the patterned ones very much because of their assertive style and they know how to stand out from other types of bags.

#VEPSIambassador Nina Botzen – Photo Franziska Nummer

In another life you could have been….

A needle and thread: Start from scratch and build slowly to let aesthetics, art and tradition express themselves.

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13 sustainable sunnies brands

It’s summer – and suddenly many of us realize that we still need to buy that perfect pair of sunnies. We have good news for all those looking to buy a sustainable pair: the choice of ethical sunglasses is actually pretty impressive!  Even if sunnies are a “must have” in your accessories, we shouldn’t forget that they are also a way of protecting your eyes.  VEPSI found for you 13 brands offering stylish, safe and sustainable sunnies! Let’s talk about SUN baby!

1. monkeyglasses® 

The monkeyglasses® are made from biodegradable raw materials such as cotton acetate, which consists of more than 95% cotton flowers and wood pulp. With their Nordic style, monkeyglasses® apply their “look good while doing good” philosophy.
The brand is very focused on the zero waste objective: the waste generated by the production of eyewear frames is transformed into accessories. The glasses cases are also specially manufactured for monkeyglass® eyewear from recycled paper.

2. Monokel Eyewear

Monokel Eyewear is a sustainable unisex sunglasses brand based in Stockholm, Sweden. The main material of their frames is a top quality herbal acetate, and all black frames are made of recycled acetate. Each frame is handcrafted with great attention to detail through a process that takes more than three months. Monokel Eyewear’s philosophy is a blend of simplicity and functionality, curiosity and creativity. The elegance of minimalism!



3. Covry

Because it’s hard to find a pair of frames that fit comfortably to your face without sliding down your nose, Covry has created Elevated Fit®. All the glasses are designed in New York, the brand’s source of inspiration. Pops of color mixed with a more classic style define the Covry look.
Specialized craftsmen work meticulously to create exceptional handmade glasses. All frames are made with cellulose acetate of vegetable origin. This natural material gives each frame a particular pattern, guaranteeing its uniqueness. Each pair has its own vegan leather case. A brand we discovered thanks to our #VEPSIambassador @chloe.kian <3




GOBI is a sunglasses brand based in Amsterdam and inspired by the mystery of the desert, a fascination for travel. Every year, GOBI launches a new unisex collection that combines a modern and timeless look. The frames are designed in the spirit of constant renewal of shape, finish and colour.
GOBI uses cellulose acetate as the main material for sunglasses; a hypoallergenic polymer derived from wood pulp and natural cotton fibres. It is an environmentally friendly product. To obtain the highest quality acetate, the raw material is produced, dried and manufactured by hand. The higher the quality of the acetate, the better the shine and transparency of the frames.


5. Sea2See

Sea2See manually separates and selects the different types of plastic waste to be recycled for reuse as a raw material. Their recycled raw material, Cradle to Cradle Certified – Gold, is sent to Italy to manufacture 100% of their lenses. All their glasses are 100% made in Italy, meeting the quality requirements of all optical markets. The brand also collaborated with actor and activist Javier Bardem and his wife Penelope Cruz. 




PEEP offers pairs of vintage glasses: each unique piece is lovingly restored to its former glory and the sunglasses are equipped with new 100% UVA/UVB lenses.
Customize your glasses with their tailored service – you can choose your own shade color or write a prescription. The frames are supplied with a new case and cleaning cloth made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Sustainability is at the heart of the brand: PEEP offers a re-glazing and renovation service. The brand is working with the charity Trees for Cities to plant a tree for every pair of glasses sold.  Our #VEPSIambassador @ethicalunicorn supports this brand!



7. IN’BÔ

In’Bô is a workshop dedicated to the design and manufacture of innovative products made of wood and natural materials. Founded by 5 friends who are passionate about wood, adventure and outdoor sports. Located in the heart of the Vosges, the brand studies, designs and manufactures its products there. At In’Bô, you will only see raw materials from local suppliers and craftsmen who are passionate about their work. The brand uses local wood species processed in the region and collects the bamboos themselves in Anduze. For street sports enthusiasts, In’Bô also manufactures wooden skateboards and longboards and bamboo bicycles. 

8. MOU 

MADE IN FRANCE ! MOU is a reflection of the values and traditions of the Basque region in which the company is based. The brand’s aim is to offer the best quality glasses, from the sunglasses range to the optical range, guaranteeing the comfort of a lighter and trendier frame. MOU wants to transmit an ecological and environmentally friendly way of life with its handcrafted wooden glasses with the greatest care. In an eco-responsible way, they work with several materials such as solid wood. MOU is committed to Reforest’Action to protect degraded forest ecosystems. A pair of glasses purchased = A tree planted.


With the trend of vintage that is exploding, LUNETIST offers a selection of glasses from the 1930s to the 1980s. Celia, the founder, travels through the flea markets to find unique and precious pieces that have been forgotten by time. All the frames chosen are of excellent quality due to the noble materials (wood, gold plated, gold laminated) and the origin of the frames, manufactured in France or Europe.
All glasses are dismantled and polished for 2 hours. Screws, sleeves and inserts are changed. Sun lenses are new organic lenses made in France by Novac. The brand gives particular importance to transparency: knowing the materials, the origin, the traceability of your pair is essential. 


10. Neubau

Neubau is an independent eyewear brand with a distinctly urban style offering a wide choice of optical frames and sunglasses. All frames are designed, developed and manufactured in Austria.
The frames are made of polymer from naturalPX, an environmentally friendly material made from organic and renewable raw materials, 65% of which is extracted from the seeds of ricin plants.
The conscious use of resources and Austrian regional production are at the heart of the brand’s efforts. From their frames to packaging, printing and in-store equipment, the brand is committed to the environment and also supports non-profit projects that revitalize nature in urban areas.
A killer style for men and women!

11. Sticks & Sparrow

Sticks & Sparrow is an Australian brand that smells like sunshine and is committed to using sustainable materials that not only minimize waste but also provide new applications for nature’s underutilized renewable resources. Glasses that have a strong connection with nature.
In order to bring out their natural beauty and raw appearance, the frames are handcrafted from sustainable materials treated with stains and varnishes. They are also equipped with 100% UV-resistant, scratch-resistant and UV-resistant lenses to protect against the elements, then packed in individual microfibre pouches and protective pressed cork cases. At VEPSI we like it too much!

12. Waiting For The Sun

Waiting For The Sun is a company built on the friendship of Antoine and Julien and their optical development expert Sébastien.  The brand offers affordable wooden sunglasses with a focus on innovation and materials.
In this constant search for new materials Waiting For The Sun has designed new sunglasses, developed and patented in bois2. bois2 is a new generation bioplastic, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable. It has the same mechanical properties as a traditional acetate and is completely free of oil or other carcinogens.

13. Pala Eyewear

We discovered Pala eywear thanks to our #VEPSIambassador Nina Botzen. The brand offers a beautiful selection of sustainable sunglasses: Hipster, sporty, elegant… there is something for everyone! Most glasses are made from recycled acetate – made from cotton and upcycled wood fibers – and don’t contain any plastic. Each pair comes with a pouch made from recycled plastics and manufactured by an NGO in Ghana. And there is more: For every pair of glasses sold, they donate a part to their social partners, especially in Ghana, and their packaging is 100% recycled and certified “FSC MIX”.

Swimwear trend 2019

– ethical and sustainable fashion is coming to the beaches ! –

The sun, the heat, the fine sand, can you see yourself there? We can! What we also see are many, many pretty sustainable swimsuits. Because we all have different bodies and styles, VEPSI has selected for you a wide selection of sustainable swimwear and beach accessories for men and women. It’s up to you to choose your essentials to “slay” – be on top – this summer. And that’s not all: Since each of these ethical brands stands for values and a very concrete commitment, you will not only buy a swimsuit but also a great story!


Baiia is a sustainable swimsuit brand founded in Australia. The brand uses recycled nylon made in Italy from industrial waste such as fishing nets, carpets, plastic bottles and textiles that would otherwise pollute our planet and oceans. It is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, the world leader in fabric testing for the regulation of harmful substances.

Our favorite is the Mossman Wrap swimsuit that flatters your shapes and adapts to your morphology for a perfect fit. And it’s also reversible and limited edition, so hurry up and see if there’s any left!

2. Kudo Surf

Kudo Surf is first and foremost a passion for the ocean, a brand founded by surfers for surfers, and the leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly clothing and surfing equipment in the Philippines.

All Kudo Surf clothing, including their new range of boardshorts, coveralls and bikinis, are made from materials such as organic cotton, regenerated yarn Econyl™ and recycled plastic bottles.

Surf the beautiful waves of Siargao Island with your Isabela Frida Bikini in “ocean blue” colour; unfortunately for the moment only available in the Philippines, all the more reason to have a quick trip there! In addition, Kudo Surf offers training and mentoring to surfers wishing to raise their level to participate in competitions around the world.

3. Elle Evans

More blue with this reversible bikini from Elle Evans: wear it, cherish it, repair it, recycle it!

Sustainability being at the heart of the company and its approach, there is no mass production: each swimsuit is made to order in their ethical workspace in Melbourne.

The parts are made of regenerated Vita ECONYL® nylon from 100% waste from the oceans and landfills. The brand even offers a repair and reuse program. What do you think of that?

4. Coco Frio

La dolce vita with Coco Frio and the two pieces Maori Top Fleurs de Laurier: gorgeous!

Coco Frio is a brand that offers very nice swimsuits, each one equally beautiful (the choice was much too difficult)!

The brand manufactures its swimwear in Italy in a family workshop also with Econyl, the famous fibre regenerated from plastic materials and fishing nets in order to preserve the oceans. Since 2013, hundreds of volunteer divers have collected 453 tons of fishing nets, the equivalent of 3 blue whales! Its production is 80% less impacting than that of traditional nylon, produced by oil.

5. Akina

Since its comeback in 2017, the red swimsuit is one of the must-have of the summer, but if it’s sustainable it’s even better: for you the Poppy bikini from Akina!

From production, to fabrics, to packaging, Akina wants to be a sustainable company in every aspect. Akina means spring flower, symbol of a new life, a reincarnation of waste in all their fabrics, thus contributing to reducing the environmental impact while embodying the kindness and individuality of the women who wear them.

The pieces are sewn in the studios in Cape Town, South Africa.

6. Stay Wild Swim

A bit of poetry with the brand Stay Wild Swim and its fabulous swimsuit: The Lunar One Piece.
This swimsuit was handmade in London and made of ECONYL® fabric.

Stay Wild Swim is THE swimsuit brand that will allow you to forget your complexes and make you love who you are: unique and beautiful. And don’t forget that the great secret of happiness is to feel good about yourself.

Currently, in addition to Econyl, the brand is working on a circular production system so that used Stay Wild Swim swimsuits can one day be taken back and recycled into beautiful new pieces.

7. Vendredi Swimwear

We also think about men: the Vendredi Swimwear brand promises a fruity summer with its Juteux swimsuit: an essential #neverwithoutmyvendredi.

Vendredi swimsuits are made in Portugal in a small family workshop located in Guimaraes near Porto! It smells already like a holiday!

At VEPSI we’ve been following Vendredi Swimwear from the beginning and we love it – they make us have a good laugh on social media!

8. Philomén

Coming straight from Budapest, Hungary, the brand PHILOMÉN offers handmade pieces by local sewers and only works with suppliers who guarantee an ethical production without waste.

PHILOMÉN means – in ancient Greek – to be loved. A message dear to the brand: love nature and explore the world for a sustainable future. PHILOMÉN’s creations are inspired by vintage silhouettes combined with modern and minimalist simplicity and a touch of European elegance.

9. Clo Stories

Clo Stories is a brand based in Barcelona, one of our new favourites. A brand that offers responsible and sustainable consumption with reversible swimwear, which can be MIXED and MATCHED together as you wish.

In addition to their recycled packaging and fabrics made from recycled materials, polyamide is also used in their swimwear to achieve total sustainability.

For a modern pin-up look, we recommend this Gabrielle bikini that breathes freshness.

10. Dedicated

Dedicated is the positive alternative of the fashion industry: sustainable fabrics, decent working conditions and strict certifications. Although the brand offers a range of streetwear for men and women, we have selected for you men this Swim Shorts Beach Palms which gives us a desire to quickly settle under the sunlights of the tropics. It is made from 11 recycled plastic bottles!

11. September

September is a brand of sustainable swimwear that emphasizes simplicity, shape and function. Sleek silhouettes, solid colours and sustainable materials for optimal performance and comfort.

The brand was created by Erika Seiko Togashi, a passionate surfer with over fifteen years of experience for brands such as Patagonia, The North Face, J. Crew and Deus Ex Machina.

Swimsuits designed in New York and tested in Bali, such as the Honolua Top Ivory, made from recycled nylon, are more sustainable than regular swimsuits.

12. Boochen Studio

Formerly Boo Surfwear, Boochen Studio offers a swimsuit worthy of a masterpiece, the combination of colors and patterns, makes us think of a painting (don’t you think?).

Boochen Studio has partnered with Ecofil®, a brand that actively contributes to the well-being of our oceans. For their bikinis, they also chose ECONYL® and Lycra® Extra Life fibres, which make their swimwear more resistant to salt water, sunscreen, chlorine and UV light.

The best for the end: the Boochen Studio brand will be sold on our marketplace.

13. Ozeano

Want to dive into the Dominican Republic’s depths (yes?) and especially respect the ocean, (YES!) put on your OZEANO swimsuit and go! This beautiful coloured swimsuit reminds us a lot of the Caribbean Islands, mixing hibiscus flower, frangipani…

Ozeano is a brand created in 2015, it manufactures its swimwear with recycled bottles, with a mix of details, contemporary designs and Caribbean flair, Ozeano wants to share its love for surfing, the ocean and travel.

14. Poly

Poly is a brand based in South Africa, which promotes body positivism, a social movement for the acceptance and appreciation of all types of bodies, Poly wants every woman to accept herself as she is. But that’s not all, for the design of its reversible swimwear, Poly uses sustainable materials and produces in an ethical way.

For you, we have selected the reversible Racey swimsuit, to mix and match with the pieces of your choice. The “bra” style top features a perfectly adjustable crossover back for comfort and a more active style mixed with the leopard print for a touch of fun.

The brand Poly will also be available on our marketplace, stay tuned!

15. Reset Priority

Reset Priority is a beachwear brand that creates exclusive and contemporary pieces. Always elegant and full of character, each piece is ready to reinforce the confidence of the woman who wears it with carefully selected materials that respect the environment and sustainability.

The pieces are manufactured with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified fabrics, responsibly in Spain in Barcelona with end-to-end control from design to production and distribution.

We look forward to showing off our patterned Bawe Bikini tan.

16. Picture Organic Clothing

Picture is the French brand created by 3 friends: Julien, Jérémy and Vincent. 100% of the products are made of recycled, organic or sourced organic materials.

Picture is a very transparent brand, certified by the GOTS and Organic Content Standard labels, all their technical products are made of at least 50% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, their products do not contain PFC (chemical substances).

The ANDY 17 BOARDSHORT is THE swimming shorts you need for your intense surfing sessions, you need 20 plastic bottles to make a boardshort! It is equipped with the Fast Dry 4D allowing freedom of movement and in addition, there is a pocket to carry your keys.

Shall we jump into the water?

And since swimsuits are not enough, VEPSI has added to its list some sustainable accessories that are essential for a beach break.

Starting with beach towels…

A towel is essential to enjoy a swim or sand with comfort and softness. Here are 3 brands of ethical or sustainable towels:

  1. Nomadix produces towels made from recycled plastic bottles for yoga, beach, camping and travel, in beautiful colours and with sustainable production.
  2. Fair Supply And Co produces lightweight, fast-drying, absorbent and soft Turkish towels that are made from sustainable Turkish organic cotton.
  3. Evolve Travel Good produces towels made from Ecolite™ for a light, compact, antibacterial and completely sand-resistant look.

To keep your feet from getting hot, there’s nothing better than flip-flops..

To wander around, to stay at home, to walk along the beach, by the pool… When the sun comes up, flip flops pop up. Here are 3 brands to dress your feet:

  1. Amazonas produces ecological sandals with several types of soles, inspired by the shapes and colours of the Amazon.
  2. Hippobloo produces flip flops made of vegetable latex and rubber sap, trendy, comfortable and robust.
  3. Komodo produces vegan shoes that are handcrafted in a sustainable way using the highest quality organic cotton uppers, recycled EVA soles, recycled natural rubber and natural rubber soles from sustainable sources.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen!

Sunscreen is very important if you don’t want to get very painful sunburn. Of course, we advise you to choose a sunscreen that protects our beautiful planet. Here are 2 brands to protect your beautiful skin:

  1. Avène offers a 50+ thermal water, with very high sun protection for sensitive face and body skin. The Laboratoires dermatologiques Avène are associated with PUR PROJET (to learn more about this program we invite you to visit this site) around a socio-environmental program that participates in the regeneration of corals in Indonesia.
  2. Nuxe offers a SPF 50 sunscreen kit + after-sun kit + kit for this summer. Essential organic ingredients, Coconut and Orange Blossom fragrance, to moisturize the skin and prolong and sublimate the tan.

There you go! Now all you have to do is plan your holiday. At VEPSI we already have our heads elsewhere… “Vamos a la playa oh oh oh”…

10 sustainable pieces for a stylish & confortable workout

Being dressed in fitness wear is not always easy. We quickly feel vulnerable and have no wish to expose your “flaws” to others…ending up deciding to rather exercicse alone at home – or not excersising any at all. To prevent this from happening, VEPSI is here for you: we selected 10 fitness items that will make you feel confortable and beautiful. Not to mention that they are of course all from sustainable fitness brands.

1. The Mandala Yoga bra

We start this list with what women need most when exercising: the perfect sports-bra!

We selected this beautiful bra made100% from “Bio-Based polyester”  made from renewable raw materials from a castor oil factory. Good support during efforts and great support for the planet, as it’s production is almost water-free and environmentally friendly. The material is certified OEKO-TEX® STD 100, which is a global standardized testing and certification system for all raw, semi-finished and finished textile products at all processing stages and for all ancillary materials.

Zoom on the brand: Mandala Yoga Wear was the first brand to introduce the eco-responsible yoga trend to Germany – more than 15 years ago.  Without surprise, Nathalie, the founder, is now considered a pioneer in the sustainable fitness fashion industry. From the very beginning, sustainability and eco-materials have been the cornerstones of her yoga line

2. The Pure By Luce legging

You love sports…and arts? Then you will love this legging from the sustainable activewear brand Pure by Luce. The Belgian brand works with artists to create prints that stand out from the crowd – this legging for example was created together with the Marrocain artist Hasna Lahmini. The leggings are super comfortable – yes to high waist leggings!

The textiles used are either made from recycled polyester or polyamide and the cotton is organic. In order to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible, Pure by Luce only works with suppliers from Western Europe and is subject to European legislation. The founders provide also a very, very detailed report on its eco-responsible activities and efforts on their website. Hats off!

3. The Prana legging

We all need more than one legging – as one will be certainly in the washmashine one day. 🙂 We like this simple sustainable legging from Prana clothing. Describing this brand is like describing a journey to sustainability:

Let’s start with the diversity of the components used to make Prana clothing, then move on to the organic cotton and hemp fields, and then on to the beaches where plastic bottles are harvested. Finally, let us end this journey with the craftsmen behind these clothes who work in well-being with safe working conditions. Did you enjoy this trip? We did too!

4. The Engel Sports T-shirt

So, what’s next? A Sustainble fitness shirt of course, because we all these basics. Why not go for something simple but efficient like  a shirt from the “Engel Sportsbrand? Promise, this T-shirt is like a second skin, made of organic wool and silk – hello, sunprotection! –  and as all their sportswear, it’s of course GOTS certified.

What we really about the brand?  All  dyes are free of heavy metals and harmful AZO dyes. For the colouring of their wool textiles, the brand only uses so called  ‘reactive dyes’, 100% natural.

5. The Yoga Design Lab mat

What is missing in this fitness wishlist? The yoga mat of course!

This yoga mat by Yoga Design Lab is eco-friendly and biodegradable thanks to its 100% natural tree rubber composition. The colours of the carpet are derived from water-based ink – that’s cool, isn’t it? And Yoga Design Lab is committed to donating a dollar for every purchase made to support urban youth yoga programs.

The combination of cutting-edge design elements with innovative functionality and bio-renewable awareness is what distinguishes  Yoga Design Lab’s approach. From their insulated stainless steel water bottles, to their yoga mats made of biodegradable natural rubber, to the water-based inks used in their printed designs… if you were looking for a truly sustainable yoga brand, here you go.

6. The Magadi ensemble

Some of us also really like things that go together. No worries, we got youw ith this beautiful fitness ensemble composed of a legging and a bra from German brand MAGADI. This ensemble will brighten up your yoga session. The MAGADI collections are produced exclusively in selected manufacturing plants in Germany, in accordance with the principle of local economy. Their aim for short transport distances and hence lower CO2 emissions and all fabrics are made of recycled polyester (PES). This synthetic fibre comes from secondary waste such as plastic bottles and old clothing. The raw material is recycled and then spun into fibres. By using recycled raw materials, as well as purely ecological materials, in production, Magadi reduces its dependence on oil.

The cool detail about MAGADI? Fabrics are printed by a digital printing company using the most modern technology in Germany. Unlike conventional screen printing, the printing process uses practically no water and less dye!

7. The Ambiletics legging

Not a big athlete? With this legging, you will want to get started!  With hand-drawn tropical motifs, the Ambiletics leggings is for those who like fun fitness wear and are tired of the standard designs of most fitness brands…and it’s for those proud to wear a legging made from recycled plastic bottles!

8. The HejHej-Mats mat

Oh, we found another cool sustainable yoga mat! It’s from HejHej-Mats a brand that makes all its mats from…waste! It takes 1 kg of waste to create a mat. Impressive, isn’t it? The logos and bracelets are made from biodegradable organic cotton and printed on a water-based basis.

What we also like? the company employs a large number of people with disabilities and 1€ from each carpet goes to the EarthChild Project social initiative.

9. The Urban Goddess Yogawear leggings

Are you pregnant or just looking for a really, really comfortable yoga brand? Don’t look any further. We discovered Urban Goddess via Instagram, thanks to one of a member of our #VEPSIambassador. The Shaktified legging is super comfortable, ultra soft and the fold over belt makes it very suitable for pregnant yogis, as it offers support to the belly. The brand even thinks about little details as making sure no label itches or distracts you – this is why they don’t use any! All collections are entirely organic and GOTS certified too. Sustainable comfort, here you go!

10. The Hey Honey leggings

Finally, we absolutely love every legging and bra from this German fitness and yoga brand. Whether you like to stand out of the crowd or rather go for minimalist fitness brands, you’ll find your future favorite piece there.  The sisters behind this brand have one goal: Create sustainable fitness wear that fits all body types.  You are into sustainable brands but also vegan? Go for it – the brand produces fairly in Europe AND is Vegan Certified by PETA.