Discover Natté, the Paris-based rattan bags brand for a chic and summery look. From ancestral braiding traditions, natural materials, a trip to Indonesia, the Natté brand has set up a short, ethically responsible circular partnership with its suppliers, in other words, one that respects the environment and benefits the local economy. Natté is also involved in environmental protection through local associations. 

What’s the concept behind Natté?

At Natté, we are very attached to the authenticity of our products, manufactured with care by craftsmen with ancestral traditions, handed down from generation to generation.
Objects gleaned here and there, in colourful markets, favourites that we bring back from our travels to the four corners of the globe, in order to make you discover them.
Everyday objects, unique because they are handmade, which spread the culture from which they come to you.
Objects with a special charm and a story to tell, welcome to our “pasar”!

How do you define the Natté’s style ?

Chic and summery. Natté is a reference to braiding. Behind each product there is a mastered material and a technique perfected over several generations. The braiding is made with natural materials, which have their own texture, smell and colour and do not pollute.
During these travels, Natté meets cultures that know how to keep their authenticity, but that are eager to make their work and their products known.

Which item in your collection best represents your brand?

The Sunshine Round Bag!

In another life, you could have been………

An anthropologist.

A last word for the #VEPSIfamily?

Let’s join the move!


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