1. What is the concept of your brand? Style and commitment – what do you stand for?

Yala is African jewellery for the modern woman. Every piece is ethically and sustainably handmade in Kenya by talented artisans. We use traditional materials and focus on production techniques that have a low carbon footprint. Our brand is built on social values, to improve the lives of others by creating financial opportunities for the skilled artisans who make our products. Yala embodies intricate design, sustainable materials, ethics and transparency.
Best of all, we are the first jewellery company in the UK to become a certified B Corp, which means we have made a legal commitment to treat our suppliers, customers and the environment with the respect they deserve.

2. Yala is the perfect brand for all those looking for…

Unique, handmade statement pieces that tell a story. Our customers love the way we highlight the people behind the products – we want them to know their names, faces and a little bit about their lives. We know how fun it is to have something that not many others have, but also to be able to tell the story behind what you’re wearing. We focus on small batch, limited collections not just to ensure excellent quality, but also to make every customer feel special and unique. Our pieces give the customer confidence that their piece was made by artisans in a safe, healthy workplace and that they were paid enough to improve the lives of themselves and their families.

3.  Which piece represents best your brand?

Our statement piece and bestseller is the Lela 3 way earring – our customers love the versatility of wearing them in multiple ways, and they can be dressed up or dressed down. They feature the Yala signatures of hammered brass and a half-moon shape. They are small and dainty enough to suit anyone who wears them, in whatever way they choose to wear them!

4. In another life, you could have been…

A nature photographer and conservationist

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