We discovered the sustainable swimwear brand “Boo Surfwear” more than a year ago via Instagram – a huge crush. As a new member of the #teamVEPSI, ethical brands sold on our marketplace, we were able to meet the designers in Berlin in July during Berlin Fashion Week – and organize a photo shoot with the superb influencers Nina Botzen and Chloé Kian of our #VEPSIambassador program.

Welcome to #teamVEPSI! Tell us: What is the concept of your brand? Style and commitment – what do you represent?

Our brandname contains already what we love and stand for: boo is short for blue ocean obsessed, and -chen shows the german heritage 🙂 As surfgirls, we know the struggle when the bikini wouldn’t stay in place after an intense session. While enjoying surfing we came across some other problems, like the huge amount of plastic waste floating around. That´s why we decided to use our abilities to make a change and created a bikini that´s better for surfing and for the ocean. We strickly use only recycled fabrics for our collections and try to reduce waste in packaging, transport and also reuse our scrap fabric. We are supporting a small, independent, swimwear-specialist manufactory in China with buying off season and a commited, long-term partnership. We believe in the contribution each of us can make for a more sustainable future. That´s why we design for long term use: each of our bikinis is combinable with the rest of the collection, reversible and adjustable. This way, you can keep using your bikini with different styles, activities and even if your body changes.

Finish the following sentence for us: Boochen Swimwear is the perfect sustainable brand for anyone looking for..:)

..Swim and Sportswear that is both beautiful to look at, made from eco-conscious materials and brings you all the functionality of “traditional” sportswear, but with a high-fashion twist. With our design concept, not only you get two bikini sides to show off, but can combine them in different ways, adjust them for the perfect fit and enjoy eye-catchy prints that stay in shape due to extra durable, high quality fabric.

Which part best represents your brand?

For us, the core piece is our Caparica Style in Painting Print. It is named after the surf beach where the idea to start the brand was coined and really represents our core values: sporty, yet sexy style that can be adapted for surfing and really can withstand the waves. Combined with our signature Painting Print, it really conveys the fun and artsy vibe we want to bring across with our brand.

In another life, you could have been……

In another life, we all wish we could have been mermaids. But with the ocean pollution going on, we want to use this life to clean up the ocean first, and then, hopefully, reincarnate as mermaids later.

A last word for the #VEPSIfamily family?

Hey guys, let´s be part of this big community and strive for change. Together we are strong !

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