To celebrate World Environment Day, we prepared a list with items you can use every day, from wallets to shorts to jackets… except that these ordinary items  are really unique. Why? Because all all composed of 100% eco-friendly and highly innovative textiles. (Ever thought about wearing clothes made of mushrooms?) One thing is sure:  those who thought that sustainable fashion was only about organic cotton will be surprised.

1. Taikka piñatex handbag

Let’s start this wishlist with a black textured handbag from Taikka, a brand specialized in bags and scarves. This bag looks like it’s made from classic leather but in reality, it was made… in piñatex (pineapple remains), the purpose here being durability.

2. Zvnder mushroom wallet

After much research and a scholarship for young researchers from the Elsa Neuman Foundation obtained in 2015, Zvnder was born in 2017 with the idea of creating accessories in an innovative material that is 100% organic and natural. For this, Nina Faber has made her accessories with… mushrooms. Thanks to its softness to the touch, its insulating, antiseptic and absorbent properties, Zvnder gives its wallets, pouches and caps a marbled appearance that will allow you to fully connect with nature and the adventurer inside you.

3. Ecovative MycoFlex™

If you still want proof of mushrooms’ great powers, you’re going to be served.
New Yorker company Ecovative use mycelium (translation: a component of the root of fungi), through biological processes, to develop new high-performance and durable materials for many sectors of activity including fashion, cosmetics, the medical industry and many others.
Ecovative has partners of choice such as Ikea, Dell but also Stella McCartney and Nike (composition of the foam in shoes).
Who said mushroom mousse is only good for eating?

4. EarthColors natural dyeing agents

Patagonia has been well known for several years to surfers and mountaineers for their dedicated clothing but the brand itself says it has a mission, unfortunately, less known, which is to save the planet from extinction. Extensive program. They are trying to use environmentally friendly fabrics to achieve this.
The collaboration between Patagonia and Archroma has produced EarthColors, Archroma’s new patented method for creating colors made of natural dyes.

5. Salmon skin leather

Royal Blush has gradually established itself as one of the green fashion references and has seduced the world with its simple and refined style. Ask big stars like Jessica Alba and Amber Sakai (to name but a few) who wear Royal Blush accessories quite regularly. The brand uses calf leather, organic cotton, and alpaca in a way that respects the animal and the environment, but also – and this will surprise you again (although, you are used to it now) – leather made of salmon skin remains.

6. Eucalyptus fiber 

If you like sewing or knitting, or if it rains all weekend and you have run out of Netflix’s catalog, Wool and the gang is just the thing for you. The online shop offers several types of yarns including eucalyptus fiber, which is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and suitable for vegans.
Let’s celebrate.

7. Soy yarn

In the same category as the yarns, we have the soy fiber, it is new and environmentally friendly, it combines the shine of silk and the softness, warmth of cashmere while giving the contact with the skin a feeling equivalent to linen or cotton. It’s a mixture of the best, unmissable.

8. Bamboo yarn 

To finish with the different yarns, bamboo yarn is not to be neglected with its antibacterial and anti-smell properties.

9. InterWoven, plant-based fabric

Diana Scherer is an artist living in Amsterdam but was born in Germany. She collaborated with biologists and ecologists to create a material similar to textiles. To achieve this feat, templates were used as molds and the plant roots were channeled to conform to the patterns. It may seem difficult to imagine, but the artist’s website is full of absolutely magnificent photographs and her work has not failed to attract admirers.

10. Seaweed sneakers

Innovations also in the field of sneakers with the Ultra 3 which is a shoe with a lightweight and breathable design ideal for land AND made from seaweed. Seaweed replaces synthetic and petrochemical materials sometimes used in other shoes. This shoe with its rubber sole will give you flexibility and grip.

11. 100% organic fossil material

Tierra developed the world’s first jacket made entirely of 100% organic fossil material and has logically been overtaken by rewards as well as appearing in the media radar. This jacket has therefore aroused great interest from the public.

12. Suzanne Lee biocouture

Outstanding designer Suzanne Lee offers a radical vision of the fashion of the future; she has become convinced that living organisms can create a whole new “species” of clothing. This is what she calls “biocouture”. It consists of “growing” its tissues using living microorganisms. The process she developed is based on kombucha, an acidic drink prepared by incorporating a mixture of bacteria and yeasts into sweet tea. By feeding on sugar, bacteria produce a membrane that grows and grows over time. After two to three weeks, we obtain a leather, called microbial cellulose, which must be dried, molded, cut and sewn. This is how Suzanne Lee’s organic pieces come to life. Really fascinating!