Being dressed in fitness wear is not always easy. We quickly feel vulnerable and have no wish to expose your “flaws” to others…ending up deciding to rather exercicse alone at home – or not excersising any at all. To prevent this from happening, VEPSI is here for you: we selected 10 fitness items that will make you feel confortable and beautiful. Not to mention that they are of course all from sustainable fitness brands.

1. The Mandala Yoga bra

We start this list with what women need most when exercising: the perfect sports-bra!

We selected this beautiful bra made100% from “Bio-Based polyester”  made from renewable raw materials from a castor oil factory. Good support during efforts and great support for the planet, as it’s production is almost water-free and environmentally friendly. The material is certified OEKO-TEX® STD 100, which is a global standardized testing and certification system for all raw, semi-finished and finished textile products at all processing stages and for all ancillary materials.

Zoom on the brand: Mandala Yoga Wear was the first brand to introduce the eco-responsible yoga trend to Germany – more than 15 years ago.  Without surprise, Nathalie, the founder, is now considered a pioneer in the sustainable fitness fashion industry. From the very beginning, sustainability and eco-materials have been the cornerstones of her yoga line

2. The Pure By Luce legging

You love sports…and arts? Then you will love this legging from the sustainable activewear brand Pure by Luce. The Belgian brand works with artists to create prints that stand out from the crowd – this legging for example was created together with the Marrocain artist Hasna Lahmini. The leggings are super comfortable – yes to high waist leggings!

The textiles used are either made from recycled polyester or polyamide and the cotton is organic. In order to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible, Pure by Luce only works with suppliers from Western Europe and is subject to European legislation. The founders provide also a very, very detailed report on its eco-responsible activities and efforts on their website. Hats off!

3. The Prana legging

We all need more than one legging – as one will be certainly in the washmashine one day. 🙂 We like this simple sustainable legging from Prana clothing. Describing this brand is like describing a journey to sustainability:

Let’s start with the diversity of the components used to make Prana clothing, then move on to the organic cotton and hemp fields, and then on to the beaches where plastic bottles are harvested. Finally, let us end this journey with the craftsmen behind these clothes who work in well-being with safe working conditions. Did you enjoy this trip? We did too!

4. The Engel Sports T-shirt

So, what’s next? A Sustainble fitness shirt of course, because we all these basics. Why not go for something simple but efficient like  a shirt from the “Engel Sportsbrand? Promise, this T-shirt is like a second skin, made of organic wool and silk – hello, sunprotection! –  and as all their sportswear, it’s of course GOTS certified.

What we really about the brand?  All  dyes are free of heavy metals and harmful AZO dyes. For the colouring of their wool textiles, the brand only uses so called  ‘reactive dyes’, 100% natural.

5. The Yoga Design Lab mat

What is missing in this fitness wishlist? The yoga mat of course!

This yoga mat by Yoga Design Lab is eco-friendly and biodegradable thanks to its 100% natural tree rubber composition. The colours of the carpet are derived from water-based ink – that’s cool, isn’t it? And Yoga Design Lab is committed to donating a dollar for every purchase made to support urban youth yoga programs.

The combination of cutting-edge design elements with innovative functionality and bio-renewable awareness is what distinguishes  Yoga Design Lab’s approach. From their insulated stainless steel water bottles, to their yoga mats made of biodegradable natural rubber, to the water-based inks used in their printed designs… if you were looking for a truly sustainable yoga brand, here you go.

6. The Magadi ensemble

Some of us also really like things that go together. No worries, we got youw ith this beautiful fitness ensemble composed of a legging and a bra from German brand MAGADI. This ensemble will brighten up your yoga session. The MAGADI collections are produced exclusively in selected manufacturing plants in Germany, in accordance with the principle of local economy. Their aim for short transport distances and hence lower CO2 emissions and all fabrics are made of recycled polyester (PES). This synthetic fibre comes from secondary waste such as plastic bottles and old clothing. The raw material is recycled and then spun into fibres. By using recycled raw materials, as well as purely ecological materials, in production, Magadi reduces its dependence on oil.

The cool detail about MAGADI? Fabrics are printed by a digital printing company using the most modern technology in Germany. Unlike conventional screen printing, the printing process uses practically no water and less dye!

7. The Ambiletics legging

Not a big athlete? With this legging, you will want to get started!  With hand-drawn tropical motifs, the Ambiletics leggings is for those who like fun fitness wear and are tired of the standard designs of most fitness brands…and it’s for those proud to wear a legging made from recycled plastic bottles!

8. The HejHej-Mats mat

Oh, we found another cool sustainable yoga mat! It’s from HejHej-Mats a brand that makes all its mats from…waste! It takes 1 kg of waste to create a mat. Impressive, isn’t it? The logos and bracelets are made from biodegradable organic cotton and printed on a water-based basis.

What we also like? the company employs a large number of people with disabilities and 1€ from each carpet goes to the EarthChild Project social initiative.

9. The Urban Goddess Yogawear leggings

Are you pregnant or just looking for a really, really comfortable yoga brand? Don’t look any further. We discovered Urban Goddess via Instagram, thanks to one of a member of our #VEPSIambassador. The Shaktified legging is super comfortable, ultra soft and the fold over belt makes it very suitable for pregnant yogis, as it offers support to the belly. The brand even thinks about little details as making sure no label itches or distracts you – this is why they don’t use any! All collections are entirely organic and GOTS certified too. Sustainable comfort, here you go!

10. The Hey Honey leggings

Finally, we absolutely love every legging and bra from this German fitness and yoga brand. Whether you like to stand out of the crowd or rather go for minimalist fitness brands, you’ll find your future favorite piece there.  The sisters behind this brand have one goal: Create sustainable fitness wear that fits all body types.  You are into sustainable brands but also vegan? Go for it – the brand produces fairly in Europe AND is Vegan Certified by PETA.