If you follow us on Insta, you already know: VEPSI was invited by PAUSE fashion hub for their Conscious Pop Up #8 that took place in our very own city Paris. We did not hesitate a second – the Pause concept reminded us of VEPSI early years when we organized pop-ups bringing together international sustainable designers and influencers. We never say no to an opportunity to discover and promote sustainable designers. While we were already about to go through all the #VEPSIambassador list to invite girls to join us, we suddenly thought about a sentence from our friend Kerry from Conscious Fashion Campaign: “Why preach only to those who are already convinced?” She’s right, we thought. “Wouldn’t it be fun to gather for once an eclectic group of influencers with different styles and values, a group composed of influencers who are into sustainable fashion and some who are not at all,  or just at the start of a journey?”

The answer was YES. So we invited, along with sustainable fashion advocates Camille and Lucy, ‘fast’ fashion influencers, to let them discover, create and share their very own favorite sustainable outfit. Because we believe that one of the most efficient ways to ‘convert’ people to sustainable fashion is by showing them how stylish and fun sustainable fashion actually is.

Yes –  we were taking a risk – but we did not regret it for a second. We loved the whole experience. Here are some of the outfits our influencers made:

Look #1: Sophie from Ouaicestbaan
We like this refreshing denim street outfit from the Netherlands brand Blonde Gone Rogue made from cotton waste (yes, nothing is thrown away!), here combined with a bikini top from the brand Alésia Concept.

Outfit #2: Pauline from Confidences d’une blonde
Cool and romantic combo long red bamboo fibers dress from brand Cass, vegan Adelaide Carta bag worn fanny pack style and white Kindom jacket.

Outfit #3: Julie from Petite and so what
The ” petite ” blogger shows that sustainable fashion is accessible, even when you are less than 1m60 tall! Julie also opted for a Blonde Gone Snape denim jacket (definitely a favorite of our influencers)!

Outfit #4: Anne-Jennifer from Dadadah
Well done Jen’: The black Malina skirt combined with a 100% organic prints Ipsilon Paris T-shirt and unisex bomber jacket made with recycled polyester from brand Super Vision  creates a twist that is both feminine and cool.

Outfit #5: Lucy, green and ethical influencer from Lucyness
Lucy is mastering the 90s look, opting for a total denim look Blonde Gone Rogue and a handmade Zelda 3quarters bag.

Outfit #6: Camille,  green and ethical influencer from Camille Grand
Camille is wearing a T-shirt from her own collection Pas le Time with ample and fluid pants from the brand Kindom. And a red wool Mihaela Markovic hat for a very Parisian touch!

A word of conclusion? It was great to see the ladies create outfits from new designers, hear them ask questions about production methods. They were getting the real sustainable fashion experience –  style and values – and they loved it.  Also because it was for them an opportunity to meet sustainable influencers, they were able to exchange about their journey from ‘fast to fair’ and realize that hell yea, these girls were as stylish as them! For us at VEPSI, driven to make a change, driven to make sustainable fashion accessible, it was what we call ‘a VEPSI moment’!

And what do YOU think?

Which is YOUR favorite outfit? According to you, what are the most efficient ways to make sustainable fashion attractive in the eyes of ‘fast fashionistas’?