It’s no longer a secret: we all want to know how the products we buy were made, and more and more of us want to adopt a vegan lifestyle, without sacrificing the fashionista inside us. However, it’s not always easy to find stylish and vegan clothes and accessories, is it? Yep, you see us coming: here is our first special vegan brands shopping list … and this is only the beginning! #teasing


1. Ulsto eyeglass case

We start this vegan shopping list with a Ulsto eyeglass case. In addition to having a beautiful beige color, it is durable, flexible, water-repellent and suitable for almost any glasses. Deutsch Qualitat.






2. Rafa USA sock boots

The brand RAFA USA offers durable, vegan and timeless luxury shoes that fit completely to your feet. The shoes are made by a group of 20 artisans from Los Angeles; the brand is committed to using local craftsmanship.  We had a crush on these trendy sock boots!





3. The Magnethik wool-free coat

It’s winter, it’s cold and raining. Add a little warmth to all this greyness and stand out with this coat from the Parisian brand Magnethik. A chic cross cut coat, to wear curved or oversized. Designed without wool or any other animal materials with innovative eco-responsible materials, all labeled.
Parisian chic!






4. Etiko Fairtrade white sneakers

There’s no escaping the holy white sneaker! The Australian brand Etiko Fairtrade offers a pair in a limited edition in a totally natural way, from the sole to the fabric and the hand-sewn organic cotton laces. A pair with a sporty look and more.






5. By Blanch black studded “babies” 

We’re getting serious with these black studded babies from the French brand By Blanch. In faux vegan suede, what attracts the eye is the golden ankle buckle and the nails on the heels that give character to the pumps and make them absolutely unique. Trendy and vegan!





6. Jw Pei bag

Do you need an ethical, durable bag designed to store all your personal belongings without having to struggle to close it as it would overflow all over the place? Jw Pei Fiona Bag checks all the boxes and you won’t be able to do without it. The bags are made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, with each purchase, 10% is donated to animal shelters around the world to improve their living conditions.






7. Bourgeois Boheme oxford shoes

The brand Bourgeois Boheme delivers a pair of oxfords in its own image. Brilliant as the vegan leather that makes up the pair and unique because you will not find this specific design anywhere else. The polyurethane lining will allow your feet to breathe and not sweat. Wear them with roll-up pants for a simple and effective preppy style.







8. 2am by Anjali and Meha sling bag 

Anjali Damani and Meha Negandhi launched 2am by Anjali and Meha in 2014. This innovative and colorful brand manufactures handmade leather goods and vegan travel accessories with always a small twist, whether it is an added pattern on the front of the wallet, color bands on the straps of the bags, marine patterns or printed bikes that emphasize the brand’s bohemian style.





9. Beyond Skin silver derbies

A true asset of the real fashionista who knows what she is doing and assumes her sharp taste for fashion, these silver vegan derbies from the English brand Beyond Skin will revive all your outfits. The brand promotes “no leather” with the hashtag #genuinelynotleather and offers shoe models for all tastes: boots, heels, sandals!





10. The Lovely Things UK bags

The British brand The Lovely Things offers us here minimalist bags that are totally timeless. Available in a wide range of colors, these fake leather handbags and detachable straps will keep you out of fashion slips because they go with everything and will keep your wallet safe during this holiday season thanks to their very low price. A great deal.