That’s it, winter is truly here and the latest news, it intends to settle down for a little while… but don’t panic, we have made for you a shopping list of 10 ethical brands that will help you spend a stylish and warm winter!

1. The Acey sweater

Ideal for preparing for the upcoming drop of temperatures, this flecked sweater has the qualities of cashmere and merino wool, i. e. durable, soft and warm. The brand’s packaging is eco-friendly and the materials are natural.





2. The José jacket

With its 600g. of handmade alpaca honeycomb mesh, this jacket has hypoallergenic and thermal properties that trap the body’s heat in cold weather. José is a brand that aims to remunerate its Bolivian craftsmen at the fair price while producing a high quality mesh without intermediaries at an affordable price.





3. Ita-Ito’s delicate scarf

The scarf is an essential part of winter. Here the brand offers a thick scarf to keep her neck warm. The scarves are knitted by Peruvian mothers with an ancestral know-how. The purchase of products helps to create additional workshops for them and make their art known to the world. In addition, the brand is fighting to improve the working conditions of women in Peru.




4. The Grueneunschuld cap

Grueneunschuld, which means “the innocent green”, is a small brand of Erdinger knitwear that manufactures its hats and headbands by hand. Grueneunschuld finances, plans and distributes its projects entirely.






5. The Fitbuddha coat

This long oversized coat will accompany you all winter long. Created by a former journalist from former Yugoslavia, Fitbuddha is committed to integrity and fairness. Indeed, clothes are handmade by refugees and women in need with the will to produce clothes and accessories that respect animals and the planet.





6.The Animana scarf

Animana creates timeless basics, and for good reason, as the brand does not believe in fast fashion and over-consumption, it offers handmade and tailor-made items. It takes 30 hours for the product to be knitted and entirely made with Alpaca wool from Patagonia. It is not just any wool since it is B Corp certified, a standard that ensures that Alpaca comes from suppliers who are both respectful and responsible.





7.The Nice And Pure sweater

Why don’t you switch to turtlenecks? This is what the Danish brand Nice and Pure offers. Striped or plain, there is something for everyone. A brand that claims loud and clear that it does not compromise on quality and sustainable principles.







8.The Thought Clothing coat 

If there is one pattern that is coming back in force and that could be one of the winter favourites, it is the Prince of Wales. You will have read it here first. Thought Clothing offers natural, organic and recycled clothing with the aim of preserving the planet. That’s a big yes.






9.The La Mécanique du Pull sweater

No, stripes are not just for sailors. Not only can it be worn in all seasons, but it also goes through the ages without getting a wrinkle! La Mécanique du Pull manufactures in limited quantities with the following message: “consume less but better”. Amen.





10.The Maison Muriel Paris gloves

Finally, this wishlist could not have been without gloves. This pair of unisex Norwegian deer leather gloves will never leave you until you make a second hand of it, the leather adapting perfectly to the contours of your hands after a few wears.