Loving fashion and caring about the world shouldn’t be a contradiction!
That’s what told herself Naelle, consultant at the United Nations and fashion blogger in her free time.
It was only a matter of time when she realized that she didn’t want to separate anymore her values and passion for all things beautiful: the idea to launch a regular, but ephemeral events gathering both ethical brands and fashion bloggers popped up - and VEPSI was born!

VEPSI pairs ‘beautiful’ with ‘good’: It allows you to discover brands different from the mass-market products, pieces which are both beautiful and fair-minded. On top, each event hosts fashion bloggers who will make a donation for each piece you’ll buy from them. Yes, the concept of VEPSI is like a dream come true: You go shopping and become a hero who contributes to a better fashion business!

You are a fashion addict?

You shouldn’t feel guilty after an excessive shopping trip, you should be rewarded! With VEPSI, you become a hero with every purchase you make. As you buy beautiful and ethical brands, you contribute to a responsible fashion industry, and for every vintage piece you buy from a blogger, they will donate to an NGO
thanks to you
Oh, and if you want, you can also join us for a Brunch or a DIY workshop too !

You are an ethical brand?

You are a fashion hero who cares about the world – and the world should know it! Join the VEPSI community and benefit from the high visibility that every event guarantees: We want you to take center stage and hence provide every brand with a tailored communication strategy that includes digital, social, paper based media – and of course, access to our community of influencers!

You are a fashion blogger?

Your closet is overflowing and you always looking for a new brand to discover?
VEPSI organizes events allowing you not only to make some room in your wardrobe, increase your visibility and to make some money.
But we also allow you to become a real fashion hero and example to follow, by donating a portion of your profits that day to an NGO!


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