We design tailor-made communication
and marketing strategies
for ethical brands.

Because unique style and ethics should have a strong impact.

Things have changed. Conscious consumerism is not just a trend.
It's happening now. It's the future. Be the hero of this change.

Let's face it: social media has transformed the rules of marketing, communication and advertising. Selling a beautiful product is no longer enough. Brands need a powerful narrative that exudes style and purpose. It’s all about storytelling!

These changes are real opportunities to grow

That’s why, after years working with ethical brands, we created VEPSI: a hybrid solution that allows brands to meet these new demands.
Whether it's influencer marketing, branding strategies or communication campaigns – we create tailored-made solutions for each brand we work with. Finding the perfect balance between authenticity and efficiency is what makes us different and allows us to build a strong community composed of brands and ambassadors.

We are committed to brands

respecting the fundamental human rights of their workers
using eco-friendly materials and production methods
creating handmade products made by a skilled craftsman
ensuring a vegan or animal cruelty-free manufacturing
providing quality and transparency to their customers

Yes, this sounds nice.
But every strong brand has its own multifaceted strategy that requires the right expertise.