Ethical brands,
it's time to take center stage

Because you are not
just any other fashion label

Being ethical is your strongest asset.
Today, customers are looking for brands that care about more than just a trends. They want style, quality, and sense - and you have it all. It’s your moment! Seize this unique opportunity and differentiate yourself.

1 %
of ethical brands suffer from a lack of visibility
1 %
of ethical brands are under-represented
on all online channels
1 %
of millennials are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand

You know that in order to grow, you need a powerful digital marketing and communication strategy.
For an ethical brand like yours, social media can offer an impressive range of opportunities. Whether you are a young designer or a well-established company, you want to make the most out of it. Tell your unique story, with your tailor-made strategy - and you will connect with your community.

So why should you join #teamVEPSI?

High-quality visuals, effective wording, match-made-in-heaven brand ambassadors… depending on your needs and goals, we help you establish the most effective communication and marketing strategy. Make people fall in love with your style and values.

Here’s how we help you take center stage

Influencer Marketing

Hand-selected ambassadors promote your brand and values perfectly on all social media channels.


A powerful, coherent brand image that represents your identity and story accurately.

SEO Enhancement

Let us lead you out of the online no man's land with enhanced traffic, higher conversion rates, better brand insights and overall visibility.

Crowdfunding Support

We accompany you through a targeted campaign to reach your goals quickly.

Event Management

Create a personal and engaging experience for your audience. Leave a memorable and lasting impression. Make the most of both the virtual and the real world.

International Marketplace

(Coming Soon)
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Content Creation

Instantly seduce your community with top-notch quality visual content: beautiful lookbooks, professional packshots, videos...

There’s never been a better time for you to take center stage than right now.

Request your tailored quote today and experience the impact of #teamVEPSI.